Spreading the BUSH

- Kyle Selleck

"This beard balm is fantastic helps tame the mane as well as keep my skin feeling great. Great product developed by Great people. Smells great and does its job."

- Kate Mary

"Bought both “clean” and “fresh” as gifts for my boyfriend. He has very sensitive skin so the few ingredients in this product was reassuring when I was making my purchase. I thought he would like the fresh one more but he actually prefers clean (made with essential oils rather than perfume). I’ve really noticed a difference in how soft his beard is. A great purchase for both man and lady!"

- Josh Mason

"I really love the way it makes my beard soft and I love the smell.  The tea tree oil in it is great for my skin too, all around a really great product for my face fur"

- Josh Aaron

"Its rich and thick, it stays and smells good.  My beard just feels healthy."

Misty Woodland

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