Our Story


Well, Hey there?!! Ya found this SMALL town girl.

My name is Candace and that's me, but of course in a band tee! #highfive.

BUSH Beard Care was born out of my love for ... you guessed it?! Beards.

Im foremost a girl slinging Stylist and Salon Owner, but I'm also passionate about man fur, skin care, and the BUSH. Thats just right were I'm from.  

And I figure a lot of you are too ; )

ps. if you found us, thank you for supporting limited edition & shopping local - canadian 


giving back

BUSH gives back

Annually we donate and participate in creating funding for 2 Mental Health Youth Groups at Open doors (ODLCY)
These are phenomenal groups of kids with everyday Mental Health Challenges.  These two groups change lives and we are so grateful to be apart of giving back to the next generation.


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